‘I would just like to place on record how helpful and caring both June and Yvonne together with Maria and the rest of the staff and nurses are at the out patients upper deck are on a Wednesday morning. I am also very fortunate to be under the care of Dr Kariyawasam. Who not only understands the problems I have had with my sinuses for many years. But also the connection with my COPD lung problem, Bronchitis. The advice and care he has shown me since I have been under his care, has been truly exemplary. He has helped me to control and manage these medical conditions which are just two of manny. Once again thank you to Dr Kariyawasam and his Wednesday morning team.’

‘Dear Dr Kariyawasam. I feel sometimes we don't say it often enough or in good time. So many, many thanks for your wonderful care over the last few years. You are a wonderfully energetic, passionate professional who is inspirational and through your kindness and advice has made my life so much easier. A huge thank you.’

‘I wanted to write and thank you personally for all your support with my health problems over the last five months. Without your positivity and knowledgeable expertise I don’t think I’d have made the progress I have today. You and your team will always be highly regarded by me and I feel privileged to have been one of your patients.’

‘Dr Kariyawasam gave me hope and within the space of a few weeks my life had changed. I went from not being able to walk down the road without wheezing and feeling exhausted, not being able to breathe properly and being constantly tired to getting my life back. Three years down the line, I am still feeling great.’

‘I can finally breathe through my nose, and this is the first time I understand how to adjust my own medicines as and when needed. Thank you so much for all your help.’
Mr MC, London.

‘My asthma symptoms are now gone, and knowing what allergic triggers to avoid has helped so much. I look forward to my next visit.’
Mrs AD, Surrey.

‘Thank you so much for the detailed time you spent with my husband. We wish we had seen you earlier! The sputum in the chest has completely cleared and he is breathing so much better.’
Mrs EB, London

‘My nose is not blocked and stopped running. Thank you for the time and detailed explanation of my allergies, and showing me how to look after my nose and sinuses in the future.’
Mr AM, Guildford.

‘The sinus symptoms are improved, and I went diving for the first time in years last week. Thanks so much. Nothing seemed to much trouble to anyone during my visit.’
Miss K M, Moscow.

‘I am relieved to know the peanut allergy is not serious. Your detailed testing and explanation has given me the peace of mind to enjoy food again!’
Miss FB, London